Thursday, November 24, 2016

Drawing a slave in Victorian England.

Drawing of a slave in Victorian England. The poor unhappy man surrenders by debt to a life of dissipation and submission. The richest English gentlemen attended noble houses of prostitution in search of accomplish all their fantasies. To have men in chains, naked, ready to be humiliated, beaten and raped, was one of the fantasies.On the other hand, being one of the men, treated as animals, humiliated, tortured and raped was another fantasy. What's yours?

Monday, November 14, 2016

Strong slave naked, gagged and tied up. This is the 140th publication of my blog.

I liked this drawing. The pathetic and ungainly mode that the slave is tied up amuses me. I like to imagine that the rope and the sticks hurt and almost rip off his balls and his penis. It would be fun to whip him this way, with a heavy whip, with heavy blows to unbalance him until he knocks him down.
This is the 140th publication of my blog.
The stroke and the anatomy pleased me.
Anybody else like it?

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The prisoner was taken to be flogged.

The strong prisoner was taken to be flogged. He knew what he would suffer, had been lashed many times, he did not complain, he knew this was his life. Forced labor, frequent rape, torture and beatings. His skin and body, were accustomed. He was arrested when he was a boy, he knew no other life.

Only a drawing done with pen bic during a long meeting by phone.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Betaing the suspect to death

Testing the drawing otherwise.

Beating the suspect to death.


The police took the suspect to a more remote and quiet area for interrogation.
Soon they decided that the crime should be punished just right there. They decided to beat him brutally without limits or concern.
They felt pleasure watching the naked prisoner moaning and crying, they were amused and excited. The boy was young, handsome, strong and very well endowed.
They felt special pleasure in beating his genitals. They broke several of his beautiful white teeth. They stuck the nightstick in his anus several times, brutally, deeply, to break it open.
His screams were heard in the neighborhood, but no one dared to approach.
They knew what was happening and saw the police car away.
He had no documents or family, he was just a poor wretch without study or housing.
They stayed there for many hours, so entertained that only stopped the beating when hre boy died.
They left his body hanging from the tree, inert and wounded.
Someone would bury it.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Naked slave hogtie. Ready to castrate.

This slave was tied up and placed naked in the square to be sold.
The animal could stay over there for days until someone wanted to buy it until its owner receive any fair offer.
At this time the poor animal would not be fed or be untethered.
He would be exposed to rain, cold, hunger, your piss pour the floor, your shit accumulate.

His penis and scrotum were tied to seem larger, this also diminished the dirt, but sometimes were tied so tight that could necrose.
Buyers could choose whether they wanted: the complete animal, with his scrotum and penis; or castrated. This was common understanding - that the castrated beast was more docile and obedient, castrated animals rarely fled. For security, for domestic work, wealthy families also preferred castrated slaves.
Others prefer them full power, well endowed, to have fun with your sex.

Some died when castrated by bleeding.