Saturday, February 17, 2018

The ruined sexual slave director of the prison will be dismissed. Part 3.

The routine of rapes and lashings had to take many months.
It was not easy to find an inmate who could be kept in the position of sexual slave, being so brutally tortured that no one outside prison could discover or protest.  Usually it was some clandestine young immigrant, without documents or acquaintances. Or someone arrested while carrying drugs at airports without any local link.
Officers carrying this type of prisoner were already discreetly signaling; this one is not going to trial, or will have tokens. He was imprisoned without any legal registration. This type of prisoner was not normal or frequent. It was even more difficult and rare that the element was young and handsome to please the demanding directors of the prison.
So, as long as they had no other prisoner to satisfy the director's sexual needs, he had to be kept in the job.

Over the months his body was completely transformed.
After every beating with the whip he was kept in the cell for weeks for rape and sexual abuse. Without ever leaving the cell, without speaking to anyone, eating only what his rapists threw on the floor of the cell to feed him.
The director's sadism was such that he used to urinate on the food he threw on the floor before the prisoner ate. The convict did not receive water or food regularly, suffered from thirst most of the time, to have to drink all the urine and sperm that spilled in his mouth. He often had to eat his own feces to withstand hunger.
His beard and hair had grown a lot. He had lost a lot of weight, his muscles had weakened, his skin had lost its tan and healthy color. Every inch of his skin was marked by wounds and scars.

Between the brutal and public sessions of whipping, during the recovery weeks, he was beaten up by the rapists themselves or by the guards who washed him.
He was slapped in the face, punched in the belly, brutal kicks and blows of rubber mallets all over his body. Many of his teeth fell by the blows, his face was always swollen by blows, no one who had once known him would recognize him anymore. His anus was enlarged, he could not contain his shit, and he defecated without control.
His penis and scrotum were always swollen and bruised. 
The guards felt special pleasure in kicking and trampling his stuff. The boy was well-endowed when he arrived, but they never let him be active. 
The guards who had to wash his anus felt humiliated by the function. As revenge, they use to handcuff his balls high up on the bars of the cell. They practically hung him from his balls as they threaded the hose into his anus.

He had no idea if it was day or night, his cell had no windows and the light was kept off when no one was there to use it. His eyes stayed so long without seeing the sunlight, they were always swollen by slapping or burning through the urine they made on his face. His ears were always aching and bruised by the brutal way they were pulled to lift him off the ground when he was slow to obey orders.
When someone opened the door to the cell he always come all fours, with his mouth open to suck his owners' dicks. He crawled as he raised his ass, and spread his legs so they could penetrate him.

He lost all dignity and self-esteem. He was treated like an animal, or as a worm, and proceeded to act as one.

When another unhappy prisoner finally came to prison, suitable to all the demands to take over the role of the sexual slave, the old slave had to free the cell. On this day the ruined slave was taken to the yard for the longest of beatings, cause he would be whipped to death.
No one warned him of the importance of this day. He was tied up as ever, flogged as ever for the usual audience. The only difference is that even after he collapsed, the lashes would continue uninterrupted, for hours, without mercy.
The audiences these days were a little bigger. Spilled blood was more plentiful, splashing away in many viewers. On these special days the patio sand ended with many puddles of blood, sweat, and sperm.

Monday, February 12, 2018

After being raped for many weeks, the sexual slave was taken to the yard to be whipped. Part 2.

After being raped for many weeks, the sexual slave was taken to the yard to be whipped.
They could not say that this was punishment or interrogatory, it was just a spectacle to the delight of anyone who was a sadist on the prison staff.
Some guards, the head of security, and the principal would gather to watch the scene.
One of the guards was very skilled in handling the whip. He knew how to pop the leather into the air and hit the prisoner's body tied to the post very precisely and efficiently.
The scene was very beautiful and exciting. No one was embarrassed to masturbate while watching, that was why the prisoner was flogged, to give pleasure to the audience.
The first time the prisoner was tied to the post he did not understand the reason. His wrists were tied above his head, his cock and scrotum tied tightly to the pole.
Tying the prisoner in this position, the executioner managed to whip the ribs, back, buttocks and thighs of the unfortunate. The beating was made with broad, rhythmic and cadenced gestures.
On the first beating the boy was shocked to realize that no one disguised the sadistic and sexual purpose of his martyrdom. He cried and moaned, but no one bothered.
The spanking took hours, no one was in a hurry, and everyone wanted to make the most of it, prolong the moment of pleasure and excitement. There were hundreds of lashes; his body was marked by cuts, bruises and wounds.
When he collapsed, unconscious was untied and taken back to the solitary cell.
In the following days he was kept naked and handcuffed as always in his cell, but was treated by the prison doctors. Even before removing his bandages, the sexual slave returned to his daily obligations. The rapes and forced gaps have returned to their old routine.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

A slave being brutally assaulted by cops.

A few days ago I was talking to my friend Aggrobrum and he told me that he is regularly flogged by his Owner. He has been slave and submissive for some time. I saw pictures of his body marked by the beatings he receives, cause he knows what serves an inferior being like him.
I imagined him returning home, after a normal day of work, in his military clothes and being stopped by police officers who know that he usually walks with his body marked by the beatings he receives.
The police officers talk to each other:

- This is the fag that I told you that likes to catch.
- I bet he's marked by the spanking that his male gives him.
- Oh really? Besides being fagged, is he a masochist? I want to see it!

The group of police officers stop the boy and ask for the documents, in a rude and truculent way.
They already open their shirt and lower their pants to see the marked body.
They handcuff their hands on their backs, and give him an arm-wrench by holding him by the neck.
One of the policemen, decides to complete the service and picks up the baton, and begins to beat the chest and legs.

He strikes his body as he screams:
- Is that what the fagot likes? Does the stupid like to be beaten?

Meanwhile the older man notices that the boy begins to get an erection while being beaten.
Disgusted, the big cop grabs his penis and scrotum and pulls so hard that he seems to want to pull them out. screaming

- The fag really likes to be beaten!

A gift for my friend Aggrobrum.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

One of the prisoners, handsome and strong, was separated to be the sexual slave of the prison's director. Part 1.

Since he arrived at the prison the sergeant separated him from all the other prisoners. 
He ordered him to be locked in solitary and kept completely naked and handcuffed all the time.

All the prison staff knew what that meant, but no one seemed to bother. The general director of the prison was a sensible and balanced administrator; he efficiently managed the prisoners and the officials. 

The director had been in the position for many years, since he had all the support of the governor, during his administration never occurred any rebellion, no incident or problem.
But from a very young age he had a fetish he could not resist, he felt enormous and irresistible pleasure in watching naked men being flogged. That is why his entire professional career was directed to the regular fulfillment of what suited his needs.
He was married, had children, and was very respected by everyone in his church, but he needed to satisfy his needs.
The director and the sergeant, his security chief, had this mutual agreement, good for both of them, so they always kept a separate inmate for their purpose.
They could be happy and do their jobs quietly, with competence, having only one of more than one thousand prisoners to satisfy their needs, just one. The perverts chose that prisoner who was young, handsome, strong and had no family, no money, no outside bond. Shortly upon arrival at the prison, the one chosen was secluded and would have no contact with other officials or prisoners. He wouldn't even receive the uniform, cause he would never wear anything.
The functions of director of the prison or head of security were risky, stressful and poorly paid. So the two agreed that they should have at least some compensation for the work, some special reward.
The chosen prisoner was this reward.
They visited him in the isolation cell and raped him every day.

No other guard could use this unfortunate man, nor even talk to him, he was exclusive to the director and the security chief.
The guards entered the cell only to wash the floor and the prisoner before the visitors.
The sex slave had his anus washed every day with hoses and soap, for the amusement of its owners. He only ate when his owners gave him something to eat. He would go for long periods without any food or water. He was forced to drink the director's urine and sperm.
If he did not fulfill his obligations affectionately and properly, he was brutally beaten, tortured, and kept for days with hunger and thirst, filthy, lonely in the dark. In these periods, desperate and agonizing, he had to eat his own shit and drink urine to survive.

Monday, January 29, 2018

The prisoner was forced to walk through the prison yard with a bell tied around his neck, with his wrists tied behind and completely naked.

The prisoner was sentenced to twenty years, during which time he was forced to walk through the prison yard with a bell tied around his neck. He had to walk endlessly, swinging so that the bell would ring all the time. If the ringing of the bell stopped the guards went out to whip it and beat it brutally and without mercy. In order for him not to flee from prison he was always kept with his wrists tied behind, with heavy chains fastening his ankles, and completely naked.

Monday, January 22, 2018

I simply wanted to be a slave, or even less I wanted to be just an animal.

It's been years since I've decided that I do not want to be a free man anymore.

I did not want to decide anything, to take no decision. I did not want an ordinary life, family, friends, home, and bills to pay.
I simply wanted to be a slave, or even less I wanted to be just an animal.
It took me some years to find a way to fulfill my dream.
I've searched social networks, apps, and the entire world web.
With great difficulty I found only one group specialized in people trafficking that believed and accepted to market me. They said that one of the few countries in which an adult male and white man can be kept as a slave naturally is Swaziland.
There debt slavery, caste or voluntary slavery is accepted with normality.
The problem is that tourism to the country does not exist, obtaining visas is very difficult, and the value of a slave is very low.
Selling me there would not make any profit to the group. I had to pay all the costs and the profit of the traffickers.
But it was what I always dreamed.
In Swaziland I would not be able to return or contact anyone I know.
After the difficulties were overcome, once I could be delivered as a slave there, I would really be a slave for the rest of my life.
I did not have any real estate, I sold my car, I gave the apartment that I rented, I closed my bank accounts and I donated all the clothes, the cell phone and the other belongings to a church.
All the money I had, all my savings from years of work, I handed over to the guys who deal my sale.
When I got to the airport I had the ticket, the passport and only the clothes I wore.

Now it's been more than ten years since I arrived with a tourist visa. As soon as I disembarked, I was still at the airport by four of my Master's employees. I think I was the only white man that landed that day.
They did not tell me anything, they did not seem to speak English, they just put me in the truck and took a beautiful, well paved road.
During the trip, I could see many sugarcane plantations and forests.
After two hours of travel we arrived at a big and beautiful property.
The servants took me to a shed, and I understood that they wanted my documents and told me to undress. I obeyed.
They put a chain on me like a leash and chained my feet.
They defined my name as "Nguruwe" which years later I understood to be "pig."
In these ten years I still can not understand a Swahili word, I know only the basic words:
Truck: Lori
Download: Pakua
Food: Chacula
To sleep: Kulala
Take a shower: Omba
Punishment: Adhabu
Stick: Weka
Whip: mjeledi
Stay four: Kaa nne
Lay: kulala
Kneel: Kneel - they speak a few words in English.
Open your legs: Fungua miguu yako
Suck: kunyonya
They understand that a slave should not speak, cause animals do not speak.
No one asks or explains anything, I never talked or said anything again.
When by carelessness I say something I usually get a slap or a thrash on the face.
I never wore any clothes or shoes, never slept in a bed. Never again have I used a bathroom or cutlery and dishes.

The man who bought me never wanted to know me, never had the curiosity. I understood that I was bought as any other animal, there was nothing strange or abnormal.

I work in the fields or loading and unloading the trucks.
Almost all employees are men and blacks. There are others working as slaves, with chains on their necks and feet, but only I get naked all the time. All employees can beat me, and many of them beat me for whatever reason, or even for no reason at all. My body, especially my legs and butt, are marked by stick strokes all the time.

I work every day, from dawn to sunrise, without rest or even on Sundays. The food is good, I can not complain. As the farm has horses and cattle too, the vet examines me, vaccinates and cares for the injuries and cuts that the sugar cane crop causes.

I sleep chained to a pillar of the shed. I am raped practically every night, several times. During the day, in the middle of the work I obey when they order that I suck the dick of some foreman, manager or of a simple employee. I can not disobey.

Some of them take pleasure in pissing in my face, others order that I drink the piss in front of all so that the other workers watch and debaucher. When I stumble and fall on the ground, some beat me up with the sticks, others kick me to get up, others brutally step on my face with their muddy boots. In all these years none of them have shown pity or treated me with respect. Some are spatially cruel and sadistic.

That's what I was born for, so I've never been so happy. That was the life I wanted.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Police officers torturing a suspect with bruitality and creativity.

The cops often have to interrogate a suspect outside police stations, 
where they have the necessary privacy, but lack the proper equipment.
In these places the important thing is to improvise, and the most important thing is to be creative. 
At a construction site, these policemen used ropes, a rustic ladder, and a tall trestle 
to immobilize the workman. For the spanking they used thick, twisted and coiled electric cables. 
The experienced policeman strongly grips the pawn's testicles by squeezing them and pulling brutally. In this way he cleverly protects the man's scrotum so that the lashes do not cause fatal injuries, but the penis is still exposed to blows, and will certainly be the target of several lashes. 
He knows he must avoid the kidneys and the face of the suspect. 
In this way, after the brutal beating, if they end up deciding that the suspect is innocent, they can simply release it without any problem.
He will not have the guts to denounce cops, he's just a worthless from a poor, mulatto, ignorant bricklayer.

The drawing is not ready yet, it will be colored and complemented.
But at this stage it has special flavor, does not it?