Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Slaves could be castrated.

A new small drawing on the same theme.
Slaves were forbidden to reproduce without permission. The owners defining which negroes could generate puppies.
Those who were caught having sex without authorization were punished.
When the lust took care of the slave, his sex drive could be contained with whips. His genitals were beaten, burned and injured.
They stayed days tied in the trunk being punished.
Suffering with cold, with thirsty and hungry.
In some cases, the punishment could be castration.

The sailors punishments

I read in one of my BDSM research that the British navy was quite intolerant to homosexuals because homosexuality cases were quite common among sailors. The officers were rarely punished for the offense, coming from the British elite, the officers could keep shallow clerk and sailors under his command to satisfy their "needs".
However, the sailors who were caught or accused of sodomy were severely punished. The most common punishment was that I illustrated in this drawing. The two accused, completely naked in front of the entire crew, have to whipping each other, several times. The caning had to hurt mainly the areas of "sin."
I'm sure the officers had delight in watching such punishments.  The text informs that the punishment stretched for several days, forcing the caught couple work completely naked for weeks, as a form of humiliation, bearing marks of the whip in the body.
Who likes the thing has no doubt that the officers who invented such practices were more perverted than the miserable caught.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sunday the farm in the nineteenth century

View of a traveler on a Brazilian farm in the nineteenth century. On Sundays the farm owners decided how many lashes the slaves would receive for their mistakes. The punishments were applied in front of all the other slaves, as a manner to improve the respect and fear.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Some of the owners were able to take care of his slave. He did gymnastics. He was fed, cared for him when he got sick. Some paid dearly to have it as a pet. It was a rare animal. Trained to be used in the most violent and cruel sexual practices. His body was becoming accustomed to the pain, his nipples and his ass became increasingly resistant.


The years passed. He grew up, matured and realized that this would be his life. He was sold, rented and borrowed several times. He served several owners, some more tender, others cruel and sadistic. Sometimes he liked, sometimes he felt the most miserable of beings.


Over the years he has become accustomed to nudity and bondage. Was kept naked, tied up, gagged and locked all the time.
Do not know what time he would be used. Obey all orders without complaint.


The clerk showed the client the skills of your slave.
He handed over all documents of the boy. Said to all who knew him that he traveled to another state, seeking some distant relative.
Blind and unknown he did not exist for anyone else.
Not knowing where he was or who moved in, he did not have any alternative. Obey and serve in exchange for food.


The official who abused him more and knew all his perversions led him to a rich and sadistic man.
Without knowing what was agreed and without alternatives the boy was sold without knowing.


He was orphaned and blinded in a car accident at the age of six. In kindergarten he learned to be obedient to
please employees. Illiterate and being used by everyone he learned to enjoy being sodomized and suck cocks.
When turned eighteen had to seek new housing.