Friday, October 31, 2014

Naked slave, waiting to be whipped.

I suggest that when you flog a slave let the other tied, listening to the shouts and the crack of the whip.
Waiting to be beaten, enjoying the anticipation of pain, resigned, knowing that will not escape, it's very exciting.

A quick sketch of the notebook.

Another drawing of a bound and naked slave.
A quick sketch of the notebook.

Blind slave, naked and tied in the woods.

Leave the blind slave, naked and tied in the woods, as a gift to the gods of the forest, was considered normal.
Some died in a few days, other lasting for weeks. Nobody knew whether they were killed by hunger, thirst, animals or peasants.
Another drawing of the notebook, but rather treated in Photoshop.

The slave remained naked and hung for hours

After flog him, i kept the slave naked, bound and hung by his dick and balls for hours. I think he was beatiful in this condition. I hit wank watching him there.

Another drawing from my notebook.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

A guy being whipped.

Other day I received a letter in manila envelope. I started drawing without much commitment a guy being whipped. 
I liked the result, clipped the envelope, and I ended up drawing. For this reason the drawing have folds and creases of the original envelope. 
I hope you enjoy.

Slaves treated like beasts of burden

Since my youth, I used to search for schoolbooks images of slaves at Brazil's colonial period. I wonder what was walk through the streets of Rio de Janeiro or Salvador and find those beasts of burden walking naked, sweaty and dirty, working in chains and being whipped.
The colonial caste society repressed any sensuality among whites, white women walked covered by burqas, like in Islam today. But blacks, men or women, were seen as animals such as cattle or mules.
For these creatures there was no god, mercy or dignity. Just work, exploitation and brutality.
All this has always excited me, these images led me to many hand jobs. Envied the black boys, living in the same miserable conditions of them.

The drawing is complete. Posted two stages, the initial version of the top and the final version.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Animal tied to the whipping post

I would like to know the opinion of those who follow and enjoy my blog.
This drawing shows a slave tied to pole to be flogged.
The design has three distinct finishes, each more colorful and cruel than the other.
Which one do you prefer?

Friday, July 11, 2014

Well endowed slaves were given as gifts.

In Rome, the large penises were considered talismans, lucky signs. Well endowed slaves were exchanged as gifts by the richest families.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Could flog the coachman until kill him

Still in the eighteenth century it was common for nobles ordain punish servants even without any justification.
Some brutal punishments were done simply for pleasure, cruelty or to entertain guests.
This drawing shows the coachman being flogged by simply look maliciously to the noble young lady.
The fact that he get excited just become the worst punishment.
The whipping will only stop when the maiden and her father are satisfied.
If they want the boy could die under the whip, his penis and scrotum ripped.
The decision is theirs and the boy, resigned, know that.
He dont ask fo  mercy,he try to keep in silence, just cries and moans.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

He will be castrated.

The muscular and hairy beast was tied naked for days, in the open area, exposed to the cruelties of the entire troop, exposed to the cold of the night and the hot sun of the day. 
He was tortured by all, with cruelty. His nipples were burned, crushed and perforated.
His penis beaten and burned mercilessly.
After weeks of torture, hunger and pain, usually your balls and your dick will be cut off, he will be castrated.
The captive die oozing blood, cum and tears.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Born to sin.

I smite me to try and decrease the impulse to sin, lust, or sex. But I feel that I am an animal born to the lowest impulses, made for sex without limits, no brakes.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday is the day of my Lord

Today is Sunday, my Master gave me 500 lashes. I had to clean the dirty walls of the room caused by the blood that splashed.
He can beat me all he want, I belong to him, cause I love him.
I never ask to beat less, never ask for mercy. At the end of each beating I kiss and thank him. The more he hits, the more I feel that I belong to him, I'm his thing, his toy, his bitch.

This is not fantasy, it's real. This is what I always dreamed,  which I never believed would conquer, that could never come true. I could not be happier.

For those who understand what I feel and draw.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The beauty of punishing the body to save the soul.

A drawing showing how the monks learned to suffer and have mortified their bodies in the name of God. 
Self flagellation, flogging and torture so that any pleasure was felt. No pleasure?

A brother asked us to help him to avoid that lust take care of his body and soul. We pray together, with him, every stroke on his huge and erect penis. Every blow struck, makes him even more excited. The demon that possesses his soul, is so powerful that all the brethren present were excited too.
He was handsome, strong, and had a muscular body. Surely that was the reason that the devil wanted him.
Other monks also lashed themselves, during the work, to expel the demons and desires of the body. 
We spend some days whipping each other under the supervision of superiors and god.
The strong and handsome brother, prayed all the time, fasting, naked, bound and hanging from the ceiling for days. He begged for more severe beatings, but he was still excited. Came to come  very often, urinated and delirious over the spanking.
The senior monks commanded that we drank all the fuck he poured so that the seeds of sin did not touch sacred ground.

After several months of many struggles, finally we won the demon. Our brother died in the arms of the Lord, his body was lost, but we saved his soul.

Friday, May 30, 2014

A tribute to Glauco Mattoso.

Imagine they hired a whore for the blind guy could hear the sound of the different types of whips .

I have this fantasy. Already paid a whore who said not enjoy being whipped. I do not know if it was true, if he was sincere, prostitutes are not usually honest, but I was into the idea that he accepted the beating by money, by necessity. 

I am whipped every day by horny, for love, for enjoy. 

I did this drawing figuring that the boy agreed to be cruelly whipped for hours. He agreed to be tied to better withstand the beating. 
For him money is very important, he needs the money. Handle with the excruciating pain is so hard. The pain is almost insupportable. 
For men who paid is just fun. They beat by the pleasure of seeing the boy's skin marked by the whip, by the joy to see the blood dripping. They feel happy to see him crying, sweating, moaning and begging. Pure fun. No guilt, no fear, no pity and no regrets.
Surely they will make it suck their dicks sticky cum at the end of the session.

I like the drawings Sherwin . He elaborates complex situations in which his characters suffer , resigned to his fate . His mastery of anatomy , perspective and proportion are excellent . His sadism is delicious . This drawing is also a tribute to my friend , Sherwin.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

The music of a brutal drubbing with whip.

I love to hear the sound of the leather of the whip, beating the slave leather. I love to hear her moans. The sound of a brutal drubbing with whip, seems like music to me.

After flogging leave him tied and blindfolded.

After flogging, leave him tied to feel the burn and pain of wounds.
Blindfolded, he focuses on the ropes that hold and the tactile sensations.

Torture this helpless animal excite me.

I love when his body tied prevents any reaction, prevents him to defends. So all his sensitive parts: nipples, tongue and penis can be tightened and twisted cruelly. Watching him squirm and cry, hear his screams and his tears excite me.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Do not limit myself only to the drawings. Real Flogging.

These photos are just to show that I do not limit myself only to the drawings. I'm flogged daily, my Owner.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A tribute to Dark Hydaria

In the world of gay BDSM drawings, I have some friends that I admire. Are designers who, like me, put on their costumes and web defects, sharing the drawing with others who enjoy the same things. Dark Hydaria is one of these. I made this drawing as a tribute, as a way to experience the way he draws, testing the way I draw.
His most common subject, strong and muscular men with huge dicks. Bound and suffering from pain and lust.
As he does, publish his drawings and construction process.
Big hug and admiration of your fan.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The return of the blind slave

I resume the story of the blind boy, abandoned in a public daycare small town. Sexually explored, tortured and abused by all the staff, who found it to pummel his early vocation for lust and prostitution.
He was educated, trained as a whore, like an animal's sex, accept that your body ends and the holes were for everyone to use.

The drawing is finished now.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The beauty of punishment in whipping post

After seeing so many pictures of prisoners being flogged at the  the whipping post, I wanted to draw the moment they took hiss shirt off and show the whip.
The moment the prisioner realizes the beating is inevitable. The expectation of the beating, the fear of pain is very exciting.
As you can see, I lowered the boys pants to improve the photos.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

No limits, no mercy and no regrets

The guy was still young and handsome.
However at age 25 was already unemployed for more than seven years, drugs consumed all his friends, his family, hopes and dreams.
He knew that even his beauty no last much longer. Prostitution has not yielded what he needed.

With huge debts to the drug dealers, he had to choose between death or accept be auctioned as a slave, like an animal.
Who gives the highest bidder, to his lenders, could do whatever he wanted with the body he purchased.
The buyer can make what he want to his slave, using mercilessly, without limits and without regrets.
He can use it, torture it, prostitutes it, or simply kill him.

The boy was desperate, scared, but excited.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

A tribute to Bill Ward and Fem Dom

After cruelly whipping the ass and back of her useless husband. 
The woman pierced his nipples, with knitting needles, and tied his cock and balls, to not allow him cum while she stuff up the bottle in his ass.
She knows how to treat a jerk like this.
Now she can go out for a nice party, seeking real men. She dances more excitedly remembering she left tied the asshole, suffering terrible pain at home.

When she return home, if the bottle has been dropped, whipping will be more cruel.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Naked slaves working in the gold mines.

The gold mines were particularly hot. The slaves who worked there suffered from the heat.
They were monitored, to not steal anything they could find in the mine.
Worked naked, animals can walk naked.
The tunnels were dark and dirty.
When they felt thirsty to drink piss himself. Slaves ate any crap they could find.
Treated as beasts of burden, lasted little, they died young.

The drawings made ​​at the time by moralism represented the best conditions were in reality.
Here I show how it was in fact the work of slaves in the mines.

The drawings are not ready. I'll post in stages.

If you like the drawing, please leave a messege.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The man remained hanging naked all night.

Feeling his wrists aching, his hands no longer felt.
The backs were burning. Every muscle, every part hurts too much.
Even during the cold morning he was sweating, felt the sweat dripping all over her body. Pain seems to warm.
He was afraid of losing hands for lack of blood circulation.
The hunger, the tiredness, even the headache were no bigger than fear.
His tears, saliva and piss were mixing with the sweat.
The dust and dirt stuck to the moist body.
But he knew that before he fell hook, whip back to punish your body.