Sunday, July 16, 2017

I decided to improve the drawing, giving it more credibility and realism.

Some times it seems that historical drawings were made to coldly and impartially record the witnessed scenes.
This beautiful picture shows a Russian servant about to be whipped.
The draftsman seems to want to show how the animal was tied, immobilized, and how he accepted his fate resigned. The various represented spectators attend the scene as if scenes like this were frequent and banal.
I decided to improve the drawing, giving it more credibility and realism.
The scene would have to have blood, a lot of blood dripping and soaking the body and the clothes on the animal, or it is not a real scene of scourging.
Hanging by the wrists and having to support his weight and the weight of the trunk between his legs the wrists should be bleeding in a short time and the hands purple and darkened.
Those who watch this kind of scene should be enjoying themselves, smiling.
Does not it seem more realistic? Truer, human, and brutal?

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Darya Saltykova accompanied with great enthusiasm the wipping of her serfs (крепостной крестьянин).

During the regime of serfdom, the Noble Russian Feudal Lords could do whatever they pleased with their servants. The peasants were no different from other properties, such as cattle, horses, or pigs.
At the end of autumn, after the annual harvests, the imperial cavalry of the Tsar ran through the estates and collected taxes, fees, and collected part of the produce of each farm.
Most of the production was stockpiled in the silos and deposits of the great noble palaces, or sent on convoy to Moscow or Petrograd.
The peasants could held the smallest part of the harvest, their share was so small that they often feared starving during the harsh winter that was announced. Some peasants revolted against misery and poverty, against the unfair exploitation they suffered. Others tried to hide part of the production, trying to deceive the fiscals and the landlords.

Servants denounced for revolt or dishonesty were arrested and tried by their owners. Those who established the sentences, the number of lashes or established the execution and death of the wretched were their owners, the noble families.
These executions were carried out by the ranch foremen and the imperial soldiers, in the last cold weeks of autumn. On this occasion, when the number of armed soldiers reinforced the troops of the nobility, was easier and safer to make the brutal punishment of the offenders.
Darya Nikolayevna Saltykova became famous for personally attending all executions, accompanied by all her maids, and other relatives.
All present, nobles or soldiers, could see her undisguised pleasure in watching the suffering and despair of the damned. She commanded such cruel and numerous whipping that most of the condemned died during the punishments.
Many of the punished received brutal sentences even without important or grounded reasons. Some were just the target of gossip or envy of neighbors or other employees. Even without reason or justification a servant could be whipped cruelly for hours, until his death.
Darya Saltykova accompanied with such enthusiasm the suffering of the condemned who, without disguising her pleasure, she ordered additional cruelties. Once she ordered them to take the eyes off a young man with very blue eyes, she said that they were too beautiful for such a lazy animal. If she notice that one of the flogged ones got excited, with his penises erect, she would have him castrated. She said that only she could take pleasure in the beating.

My drawing was made respecting the images and descriptions researched on the internet.
Attach these two images which demonstrate the traditional mode of immobilization for the scourging of Russian servos.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

My testimony about a happy 24/7 relationship.

I am about 50 years old and I live on a 24/7 basis for my Owner for almost five years.
I am flogged every day, when I wake up I have to get naked, I got my nipples pierced and I get down on all fours over the bed to receive no less than a hundred lashes in the back. After that I lie on my back, with my belly up, my Owner pulls off the nipples clamps twisting hard, and whips the nipples about 50 times. After that, I kiss him, grateful, put the clamps again my aching nipples, and then I get on all fours again, to be whipped on the other side, to have the clamps torn out again with cruelty and flogged on the bruises and sores nipples again.
We cover the bed with a waterproof cover, before the beating, because I've bled countless times.
I tell you that I wake up excited every morning to know that I will be whipped.
We love the routine of beatings. Sometimes, when we have more time or on weekends, the beatings are bigger and crueler.
When my Owner is especially disposed and excited he has already given more than 2000 lashes in a single day.
The beatings are only for his delight, not mine. My only pleasure must be to serve him.
He lets me enjoy it about four or five times for years, only when he decides. I can only cum when he tells me to.

When he decides that I have to cum, he announces how many lashes I'm going to get that day and, before the beating, he orders me to masturbate while he whips me.
I had to learn to get the erection and ejaculate being flogged, he just stops beating when I ejaculate.
After cleaning the sperm, he gives the beating he has established, hundreds of lashes without mercy. He says he feels special pleasure in whipping me after my enjoyment, to make it clear that spanking is for his pleasure, not mine.
I feel horny for knowing that I am his fucking animal, his toy and slave. More than the beatings, what excites is the surrender, the acceptance resigned and obedient to his cruelty.

When I surrendered to him, other dominators said no SM relationship remains hot after two or three years. They said that over time, the routine turns all relationships into vanilla. I assure you that ours continues to grow in the cruelty and violence of beatings.
I'm more in love and happy than ever.
I think it is important to give this testimony so that other animals like me can bet on the truthful delivery and the life of bondage and service they have always dreamed of.
Do you feel the same?

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The peasants stood at the roadside, offering theyr children to the passing nobles.

The regime of servitude prevailed in Russia between 1650 and 1860.
According to their rules the peasants belonged to the land, as the plantations, the cattle or the trees. They worked the land, but they had to surrender most of what they produced to their masters.
The peasants could not escape, had no possession or right, and suffered miserably from the harsh climate and cruelty of the feudal lords.
When the crops were better, and the cattle became fatter, their food improved and the abundance made the populations increase as well.
When hard times arrived, with plagues, floods or more severe winters, people would starve to death and despair was inevitable.
Despairing families used to sell their children, delivered the lazier, young or weak, in exchange for food, firewood or vodka. The elderly died of malnutrition, cold or illness.

The adults stood at the roadside, offering children to the passing riches.
The objective was to reduce the number of mouths to feed, it did not matter the fate of these rejected ones. Those who were chosen for sale were marginalized by the whole family. The rejested were the last to eat, slept in the worst places in the house, on the floor and in the cold. Some were expelled from the houses, poorly dressed and without any food, if they did not find who would shelter them or want them they would end up dying from malnutrition, from the cold and mistreatment.

It was one of the ways to face the misery and brutality of life.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Darya Nikolayevna Saltykova became famous as the cruelest of all Russian nobles.

The Russian feudal aristocracy had absolute power over the servants who lived on their lands. During the long and cruel winters the nobility became very bored by being isolated in remote and depopulated lands.

In addition to isolation, peasant families faced famine, cold and scarcity during the long winters. They had no guarantee of food or fuelwood to warm and keep families for months under heavy snow and frozen land.

For all this, they gladly accepted that their handsome young boys and girls spent this period in the Feudal Lords`s palaces. They knew they could be used sexually, abused and tortured, but they could not refuse to surrender the unfortunate chosen ones. Often these young people were exchanged for vodka and meat. There are reports of parents and grandparents, alcoholics or ravenous, taking their children and grandchildren to the doors of noble palaces offering them in exchange for food, drink or firewood.

Many of these young people did not return to their families in the spring.

Darya Nikolayevna Saltykova became famous as the cruelest of all Russian nobles, she was compared to Hungarian Elizabeth Barthory, known for torturing and killing her servants. Apparently they took special pleasure in attending long and brutal torture sessions. In a country that had no law to condemn the nobles, or protect the peasants, Satykova was arrested and convicted in 1786 for dozens of murders and hundreds of cruel crimes.

Here, I picture her having fun with young peasants.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Another way to tie the genitals.

Now that some of the followers have posted photos showing they were inspired by the drawings, I put this one as a suggestion.
Hanging in this way, by the wrists and ankles, the ass is exposed to the tortures, but the scrotum and the penis are sheltered and protected.
Tying in this way both are pulled out getting exposed to torture and manipulation.

That's the new challenge.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

She pierced his cock cruelly, painfully, and felt immense pleasure.

The company director discovered that the trainee had stolen cash from the cashier, and diverted a check of little value.
She threatened and blackmailed him for weeks, said that if she called the police, he would lose his job, he would be arrested and would never get another job. He was desperate, in panic, he knew that the pastor and the family would never forgive him; besides, he needed his salary a lot, he was in debt and very afraid.
He begged her to forgive him and to lend him the necessary money.

She showed that she had all the evidences that could condemn him, but surprisingly she said she could forgive and still lend him the money to pay his debts if he agreed to be punished by her personally.
She said she would like to torture him, that she would feel pleasure to see him suffer and cry out of remorse for what he had done. This pleasure she would feel would reward the pardon of the crime and the money she would lend him.

He had no way out or alternative, without hesitation accepted the exchange. Spending a night with her suffering and being tortured, allowing her to perform her most sadistic fantasies in exchange for forgiveness.

She was a mature woman, experienced, rich and very elegant, very calm, spoke softly, but very firmly. He could never imagined what she would be capable of.

When everyone had left the company, they were completely alone in the huge offices, she ordered him to open his shirt, to pull down his pants, to sit on the bench, and tied him carefully.
When he was completely immobilized she began to caress his penis, massaging him gently and skillfully. He got aroused, then had a delicious erection, so she tied a string at the base of his scrotum to keep him from wilting and she brought needles and sewing threads.

She began to sew his young and beautiful scrotum and penis as she was stitshing a sock, the pain was unbearable, the boy cried and screamed desperately, but the mistress continued to sew quietly, as if nothing else mattered. No one could hear him, no one would disturb her delight.

He did not believe what he saw or felt. He was desperate. The tremendous pain was mingled with the fear of losing his beloved penis and his sexual potency. He screamed for mercy, cursed the woman, spat at her face while he struggled bootlessly.

He was horrified to notice the smile of pleasure, indifferent to his entreaties, insensible to his pain, imprinted on the face of the woman.

She stuffed needles into his nipples, often pierced his cock cruelly, painfully, and she felt immense pleasure, she turned-on by the sweat, tears, and blood that flowed from the boy's body.

To feel the pleasure of seeing that face wet with tears, drool and sweat, frightened by such cruelty, was far better than any other pleasure. It was priceless.

Way to tie the genitals of a slave, when we want to put it on sale. Sixth part.

When the slave is devoted to sex and prostitution, the most sexual areas must be highlighted.
Pierce the nipples, ears, and penis and place large, heavy rings on all ends.
Pull the tongue out of the mouth and hold it as you did with the penis. All of the parts that may interest the buyer should be on display and highlighted.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Selling slaves.

I try to imagine what the slave thinks, if it thinks, when it is placed on the stage to be sold.
Completely naked and tied up in front of the buyers' audience, it's just a set of muscles and flesh being marketed.
It is when it should pray, if beasts have religion, to the new owner be less cruel and violent than the previous one. 
The animal should hope that the new buyers will give him less heavy and unworthy jobs. 
Let him be less raped, tortured and humiliated. Let the new owners scourge and torture him only when it deserves, punish him fairly and only for the need to make him work and fulfill his duties.
Let the new owners do not want to castrate it, cut off his tongue or blind him as so many slave owners do.
That in the new cell it does not feel to much hungry or cold.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

This weekend I was cruelly flogged by my Owner.

My Owner whips me every day. Even after married years we continued to maintain our ritual of daily whipping. At least 200 lashes a day.
But to celebrate the religious holiday, and to have more time available, he decided to be more rough this weekend.

Yesterday, when we woke up, my owner shoved a dildo into my ass, gave me 400 lashes on the back, spilled wax on my breasts, and then removed the wax trapped in my hairs by brutally lashing them.
This morning my owner gave me 800 lashes.
I bleed a lot today.

I love him so much, that I endure the beatings without complaining, without being bound, without any resistance. This year I have not been allowed to come it once, the beatings and torture are just for his pleasure. My body belongs to him, he can do whatever pleases him.

After the beating, I kissed him, thanked him for his attention, and went to breakfast.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A couple of Portuguese choosing the new slaves for the house.

I'm making a new drawing with slaves being sold.
I imagined a couple of Portuguese going together choosing the new pieces for the house.
They examine and discuss whether they want blacks to be castrated before being taken home.
Is the drawing getting any better? Any suggestions?

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The day they castrated the slave.

Farm men argued for months, whether or not they should castrate the animal.
The slave worked every day, pulling the plow. He never complained.
Since they blinded him he did not try to escape anymore.
Some of the boys liked to fuck him, others made him suck his dicks.
But none showed any use for his genitals.
Some said he would grow fat like a pig for being neutered. Others asked for castration on the grounds that he would be more docile and obedient.
One day two of the foremen simply decided to do the service.
They tied him up and cut off his testicles and penis.

Teh animal became more docile and obedient than cows.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

A young man hung for weeks, being beaten and scourged for everything he's done.

A young man hung for weeks, being beaten and scourged for everything he's done.
It was not difficult to make him drunk or to tie him up. To hang it on the roof rafter, the friends had to help. For many years all the women in the neighborhood have suffered the bastardies of this son of a bitch. No one, not the priests, not the shepherds, not even the police did anything to reform the bastard.
They do not want to fix it anymore, they just want revenge. Slaughter him for many days, castrating him and then letting him suffer and bleed to death.
Just do not kill him quickly to enjoy and taste the scene, with all the calm and pleasure of a full and long-awaited revenge.

Seeing him cry, beg and groan in pain is an exciting pleasure.
They took turns for many hours. Each of them wanted to spank him with a different whip or some other accessory.

It was a party.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Slave immobilized ready to be whipped.

When whipping and torturing your animals, take care to immobilize them.
Beat on the most sensitive parts, breasts and genitals.
Pass salt and lemon so that the wounds burn, sensitive and sore.
In this case, the animal was blind, nor was it necessary to bandage it. If it does, it's much better to blow it blindfolded.
Strike hard and cruelly, do not be weak or merciful.
They become much more docile and obedient if they are regularly beaten.

Friday, March 3, 2017

The slave resting after being used by his Owner.

My Owner left me here for days, I do not know what they’re going to do to me. They already flogged me, fucked me, forced me to suck their dicks, their ass and their pussy. I’m dizzy, exhausted, hungry and sore. My mouth hurts from so much sucking, my ass burns and hurts. My back and all my body hurts by the whipping wounds. My nipples ache for being bitten and burned.
But I do not understand why I’m so happy and still so excited.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

How we must keep our animals and slaves.

Some of my followers asked me to show how an animal should be kept. A slave should not be treated differently from other animals. The blind animal I showed in the latest posts was kept among the pigs. He ate what the pigs ate, drank what the pigs drank. Being blinded the animal did not have to be tied, he could not escape. The filth of the mud mixed with the shit and urine of the all animals gave a awful odor.
Keeping the slave dirty and muddy helped to protect it from the strong sun while working in the field. Treating it like crap, overthrows his self-esteem, his willpower, rebellion and resistance. He becomes more resigned, humiliated and obedient.

His wounds and bruises were covered with shit and mud without problem. After the beatings and whipping, the boys used to piss on the wounds to disinfect them.

He was only washed when the workers wanted to fuck him. His mouth and ass were washed before they were penetrated by the farm men.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

A gaucho being flogged by the cowboys.

In the southern region of Brazil, extending through Uruguay and Argentina, lie the pampas. Vastly flat area, perfect for cattle raising.
The men who take care of the cattle, who lead the animals through the pastures are called gauchos. They are rustic men, raw, accustomed to long periods away from home and cities. Without women, without the state or the church together, they have their own ethics and justice. When some of them do something they consider to be a crime, justice is done with their own hands and on time.
The troop leader was reported as one of the youngest, handsome boys in the troop, stole money from his colleague. They chatted, argued in a group, and the elders decided that the boy was guilty. Although the accused claimed innocence, although no one found the money stolen, the group decided that the boy should be flogged for several days until he admitted his crime and returned the stolen money.
So over the next few weeks everyone would gather to drink and talk as they watched the boy's hairy, strong body dance hanging on some tree branch while being whipped.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Thursday, February 16, 2017

A naked animal waiting to serve its owner.

I'm testing ways to present the drawings I make. Here two versions of the same animal waiting to be used.
Which do you prefer?

Sunday, February 12, 2017

A friend of Tumblr, the Fantasies of Slavery, asked me to castrate the animal.

A friend of Tumblr, from the Fantasies of Slavery, asked me to castrate the animal.
As he asked, I cut the balls off the animal.
Here follows the version he asked for.

The animal work without your genitals.

The golden rules for your slave to give you profit and joys.

It is not easy as it seems to get the most out of a slave. If you make the animal work all day heavily, without rest, the next day the shit can not even lift. Even whipping and spanking, the beast does not lift.

You must find the limit of the creature, the work that the animal can do in a single day, the number of breaks, how many times you will feed it, what time it will shit, how much water it drinks.
It is your responsibility for the continuous search for the best income. The beast will try to slow down, look more tired and exhausted than it is. It will ask for water, rest and mercy. Remember they are feigned, treacherous and lazy.

Do not whip too much, do not force impossible rhythms of work, it can end up killing the animal, losing the investment.
Hit the right way, at the right pace, at the right time and in the right place. Avoid spank the kidneys or face, pay attention if the leather is at the breaking point, avoid very large bleeding.

Consider if it's worth blinding him, many say that it brings several advantages, the slave does not distract himself, he becomes more obedient, defenseless and does not try to escape anymore.
Other owners say it is advantageous to castrate them, others cut their tongues out. For the first suggestion the problem is that the animal can become fat and discouraged, depressed. The removal of the tongue sometimes damages the feeding and the strength of the animal. See what you prefer, think well before you decide, these measures are irreversible.

If you use it with rigor and wisdom, the slave can work, make profits, and last for decades.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Handsome boy having to accept humiliation and abuse to keep his job.

You really need this job, don`t you? I see you have what the management can please, but are you really willing to pay the price?
If you are not proud, accept to lose your dignity and submit to pain, humiliation and torture without limits, I guarantee you will not lose your salary.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A strong,blind, raw slave, pulling the plow under the sun.

He was born totally stupid, he should to be a retarded, he never did or said anything clever. He never went to school, illiterate, uneducated, quarrelsome and aggressive, moved away from his family, never had friends. Never had even documents.
He soon become an alcoholic, the vices of drinking and gambling, making bets bigger and bigger, often made priceless debts. He lived changing all the time of neighborhood, or city, to escape the charges and the police.
He slept in the streets, did little work or robbed and disturbed the people of the country. He was big and strong, usually working loading and unloading trucks.

One day, totally drunk, he made his last bet, and he lost his freedom.
The owner of his debt sold him to the foreman of a farm in the middle of nowhere.
He traveled for weeks to the most remote area of ​​agricultural expansion in the country.
Where small and poor farmers struggle against hard land and the poverty to try to plant something.

There he was reduced to a beast of burden. He spent all his time naked and tied up.
So that he did not try to escape his owners decided to blind him. In an unknown and depopulated land, blind and naked, he could not escape or survive.
In land so remote and poor, did not have many women, so he was used and raped by the other workers, cruelly whipped and beaten daily. The beatings and the strong sun soon turned his skin into a thick, sturdy leather.
Hard, steady work strengthened his muscles.
He lost all his humanity, became an animal.
In this way he lived for two decades, until one day he died working as the beast he became.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Way to tie the genitals of a slave, when we want to put it on sale. Fifth part.

Here we see a beautiful animal for sale.
Slaves should always be naked, especially when they are for sale. Even on cold days, even under the sun, it does not matter, no buyer will be interested if he can not examine what he buys.
On cold days the genitals tend to diminish, tied in this way the material is valued.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Monks whipping a novice. To LASHEM

My young and handsome son, I know how much you want to submit to God, but we can still see that the Devil inhabits yours body and mind.
We will continue beating, whipping, torturing, burning, fasting, praying, and doing penances until your body is free from the sin of lust.
But for today I'm tired of flogging you. I believe that Brother Carmelo can not help us any longer.

I'll take you to your cell, you'll be naked all the time. Let's tie your hands so you can not touch yourself.
The priests and bishops will continue to piss on you, your tongue will continue to cleanse the sacred but filthy anus. The Demon of lust that inhabits his body will continue to suck the sacred penis of the priests who are tempted for your sins, starting now by myself and Brother Carmelo, so yours terrible sins return to their origin.

Your father was wise to send you to the monastery. You were born of sin, born for sin. If you had not been forced and tied, you would have lost your soul.

Do not be discouraged, we will teach you to be humble and obedient.
Even if we take tens of years, even if we have to surrender your body to earth, even if we have to surrender your soul to God.

As long as you cum and come after being flogged, we can not stop. You understand?
We are fighting against demons, against their lower instincts.

Do not get discouraged, keep praying a lot .

Thursday, January 26, 2017

In the terrible winters of tsarist Russia, the families gave their children in exchange for food or vodka.

In Tsarist Russia, the status of servitude lasted from 1650 to 1860, for over two centuries. The feudal lords freely disposed of the inhabitants of their lands. The servants were estates, like the lands, the plantations or the cattle. As all that the earth begets was its owners, the fruits of the land, like the children of the servants, belonged to the rich, owning families.

Dominated by the elite they belonged to, the servants suffered from cruelty, hunger and the rigors of the climate, their misery and submission had no limits. In the harsh winters famine and cold put many families in complete despair. It was not uncommon for some families to choose one of their children to sell to the noble families as slaves. Even if they did not earn much from the sale, sometimes just some food or vodka, it was one mouth less to feed.
The younger ones, by grace, beauty, or simply because they were less useful to work, or less resistant to the miseries of winter, were the ones chosen for the bargain.

In this drawing we see the poor woman of a family offering her youngest son, and an old alcoholic announcing the beauty of his younger grandson in exchange for vodka.
In desperation they expose naked boys, even in such low temperatures. The boys accept their fate, they know that there is not enough food for everyone. They seek to please the noble lady or the rich farmer.

If they are bought or simply accepted as gifts, they will probably never see their families again.
At this time of year, with the whole field covered with snow, there is no work or food for them. They will certainly be used to amuse rich families in the tedious winter days. They may be raped, sexually used or tortured. If they are lucky they can survive the winter, if they have bad luck they can survive for a few more days.

Way to tie the genitals of a slave, when we want to put it on sale. Fourth part.

Tied in this way the animal can be displayed for sale for hours without worry. He can not pee, run or move easily.
The discomfort makes the animal more docile and collaborative.

It is recommended to tie the animal's arms back, or he will certainly try to untie his genitals.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Way to tie the genitals of a slave, when we want to put it on sale. Third part.

Finally, tie the diagonally across and attaching the four twigs.
In this process separate the testicles from the scrotum. If you prefer pull each ball to one side by tying the scrotal sac and tightening the testicles.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Way to tie the genitals of a slave, when we want to put it on sale. Secong part.

Then with two other twigs repeat the operation in the horizontal position, forming a cross with the previous ones.
Stretch the penis and tie your head tightly close to the end of the sticks.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Way to tie the genitals of a slave, when we want to put it on sale. First part.

I will teach you how to tie the genitals of a slave, when we want to put it on sale. Certainly, regardless of the purpose of utility of the animal, show that it is well endowed can always help the sale.

Take two sturdy, flexible sticks, they can be bamboos, and tie each other tightening the base of the animal's scrotum and penis. Massage the penis until it gains volume and becomes semi rigid. Then tie it mightily, very tightly, so that it does not lose the blood that has accumulated.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The same man being whipped again.

A reflection I make on the themes of the drawings taken from the beautiful drawing published by my friend Sherwin.

Sometimes I realize how many times we have drawn the same theme, the same man suffering the same tortures, how often my themes are repeated.

The answer is simple. I draw more often what excites me most, what I wish to happen to me.
The child I draw being brutalized, is me as a child, the strong man I draw being tortured, is the man I would like to be, suffering what I would like to suffer, the old man who I draw being humiliated, is me old suffering the humiliation.

I am a sadist, but also, and most of all, a masochist. Drawing men being tortured satisfies my two needs. It gives me great pleasure to imagine myself and to draw, myself being flogged, tortured, raped and murdered cruelly.

You who look at these drawings imagine themselves as the executioners torturing the victims, imagine you being tortured, or both, like me?

I take the post to suggest that you visit Sherwin's blog:

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Young man being whipped for fun, lust and pleasure from who pays.

If we think that slavery is over, if we think that in times and societies modern  everyone has options and freedom, we are wrong.
This drawing illustrates events that were little recorded, but they happened.

The English invented modern capitalism, paid sex and gambling.
When the option is to submit for money, what is its price, what is its limit?

The rich customers of a whore house ordered the mistress of the house:
We want to lash for three hours, without any mercy, some handsome, strong young man.
We want a young guy with soft, clear skin, smelling good, very clean and polite.
We want him naked and tied in the center of the room so that we can all watch the brutal beating that we will give him.
We want to whip it until we tire, each one of us after another will assume the task, so that we can go flogging for three hours, beating or resting watching the beatings.
We want to see him cry, bleed, and beg for mercy. We do not want him gagged, we do not even want him to be completely immobilized by the ropes.
We want to hear his moans and supplications, we want to see his muscular body squirm, to watch him dance under the blows of the whips.
The scene will be beautiful and exciting for us who will pay its price.

But let's set the conditions well, you must choose the most handsome guy who really needs a lot of the money,  look for one who really has to accept suffering for three hours without rest or limits, negotiate his price, we will not make savings in the negotiation, you can offer good money.
Also we make it clear that you will earn equal value by mediating the contract, drinks, girls and other evening services.
But, on the other hand, if during the beating, before completing the three hours of fun the boy simply give up and let go of the ropes, spoiling our pleasure, we will not pay anything, neither for him, nor for you, nor for your girls.
We will stop the beating as soon as he gives up, without protest, but we will not pay a single penny for anything.
Combined? Do you understand? Accept the bet?
Will you find a boy who is so desperate for money that he will accept this cruel offer? We want to know the reasons for the need, this will excite us. What really excites us is to see someone suffering terrible pains and humiliations to earn some money, which for us is so unimportant.
What excites us most is to see the young and healthy body that we covet, we desire, that we envy being ruined by whippings so violent that its tender and smooth skin will never be the same. That the immaculate and young body will have to carry horrible scars and welts forever.

It will be three hours testing who wins, whether the desperation that the lack of money can provoke, or the instinct of self-preservation, his proud.
We want every bitch in that room to watch the flogging, hoping that he will hold our beats resigned. May they all cheers for us, by the power of the money, by our lust and power.
I assure you that if after two and a half hours of lashes the boy gives up, we will all lose.
He loses for leaving hurt, aching and uselessly marked body; You lose for having worked and served drinks and blowjobs that night for free; And we lose by seeing that money is not able to buy everything that gives us pleasure.
So choose the kid well, negotiate well the value of the beating. When you're sure of success, look for me. Understood?
Not a good proposal?

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Slave being tortured, flogged and killed to entertain and amuse the guests and family.

Here we continued to illustrate how much the slaves in Rome could suffer.

There was no ethical or moral law or principle in Roman society to condemn the torture or murder of slaves or any other types of animals.
The sacrifice or slaughter of any type of animal was considered normal, in several occasions it was custom, tradition, habit or elegant. The Coliseum and other public places did great executions and massacres for joyous audiences.

Showing total contempt for the pain and suffering of slaves was considered to be of good tone, especially among the upper classes, the elite. Watching the slaves being suplicited often was simple entertainment, pure pleasure and delight.
There are reports of brutal torture sessions being used to encourage social or family gatherings. The despair, supplications, moans and crying of the victims was considered as pleasant as music.

In this drawing we see a happy family, gathered on a special day, waiting for lunch, while watching the guest of honor crush the nipples of a strong slave tied naked to a column of the house. The youngest son asks his mother if he can tear the animal's testicles, the eldest boy caresses his own nipples gently, he is drunk and takes pleasure in watching the nipples of the slave being plucked.

Slave did not commit any act that would justify the cruelty of its execution. It was captured as young child, with it´s family and cattle, in the battles that expelled the limits of the empire. Being from a family of farmers, because it was strong, it worked in chains and lashed for several years. He never revolted, created problems or questioned his slave status. He liked working in the fields, pulled the wagon and the plow as an ox, worked the harvest, carried the sacks of grain without complaining. He was rarely flogged or punished, his foreman fair and well-balanced.

It believed it would still live for some good years, but in the week before the business lunch, the family´s wife asked the foreman to choose a strong, well-endowed slave to be used to entertain and amuse the invited friends.

During the meal, which was supposed to last for many hours, even in another enclosure, despite loud talk and laughter, diners should hear the slave being flogged and moaning. The foreman will use the heavier, louder whip, will force the animal to moan and scream loud enough for them to hear. For the success of the event would be regrettable if the slave died quickly. Knowing how to provoke pain and suffering, in a spectacular way, pleasing the audience without letting the animal die or even fainting before the appointed time was a highly prized art.

After lunch, before sunset, the woman will make the offering, on the altar of the ancestors of the family, burning the testicles, eyes, ears, tongue, and the other parts pulled from the barbarian. This type of offering will bring good luck to the family and their guests.