Sunday, January 29, 2017

Monks whipping a novice. To LASHEM

My young and handsome son, I know how much you want to submit to God, but we can still see that the Devil inhabits yours body and mind.
We will continue beating, whipping, torturing, burning, fasting, praying, and doing penances until your body is free from the sin of lust.
But for today I'm tired of flogging you. I believe that Brother Carmelo can not help us any longer.

I'll take you to your cell, you'll be naked all the time. Let's tie your hands so you can not touch yourself.
The priests and bishops will continue to piss on you, your tongue will continue to cleanse the sacred but filthy anus. The Demon of lust that inhabits his body will continue to suck the sacred penis of the priests who are tempted for your sins, starting now by myself and Brother Carmelo, so yours terrible sins return to their origin.

Your father was wise to send you to the monastery. You were born of sin, born for sin. If you had not been forced and tied, you would have lost your soul.

Do not be discouraged, we will teach you to be humble and obedient.
Even if we take tens of years, even if we have to surrender your body to earth, even if we have to surrender your soul to God.

As long as you cum and come after being flogged, we can not stop. You understand?
We are fighting against demons, against their lower instincts.

Do not get discouraged, keep praying a lot .

Thursday, January 26, 2017

In the terrible winters of tsarist Russia, the families gave their children in exchange for food or vodka.

In Tsarist Russia, the status of servitude lasted from 1650 to 1860, for over two centuries. The feudal lords freely disposed of the inhabitants of their lands. The servants were estates, like the lands, the plantations or the cattle. As all that the earth begets was its owners, the fruits of the land, like the children of the servants, belonged to the rich, owning families.

Dominated by the elite they belonged to, the servants suffered from cruelty, hunger and the rigors of the climate, their misery and submission had no limits. In the harsh winters famine and cold put many families in complete despair. It was not uncommon for some families to choose one of their children to sell to the noble families as slaves. Even if they did not earn much from the sale, sometimes just some food or vodka, it was one mouth less to feed.
The younger ones, by grace, beauty, or simply because they were less useful to work, or less resistant to the miseries of winter, were the ones chosen for the bargain.

In this drawing we see the poor woman of a family offering her youngest son, and an old alcoholic announcing the beauty of his younger grandson in exchange for vodka.
In desperation they expose naked boys, even in such low temperatures. The boys accept their fate, they know that there is not enough food for everyone. They seek to please the noble lady or the rich farmer.

If they are bought or simply accepted as gifts, they will probably never see their families again.
At this time of year, with the whole field covered with snow, there is no work or food for them. They will certainly be used to amuse rich families in the tedious winter days. They may be raped, sexually used or tortured. If they are lucky they can survive the winter, if they have bad luck they can survive for a few more days.

Way to tie the genitals of a slave, when we want to put it on sale. Fourth part.

Tied in this way the animal can be displayed for sale for hours without worry. He can not pee, run or move easily.
The discomfort makes the animal more docile and collaborative.

It is recommended to tie the animal's arms back, or he will certainly try to untie his genitals.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Way to tie the genitals of a slave, when we want to put it on sale. Third part.

Finally, tie the diagonally across and attaching the four twigs.
In this process separate the testicles from the scrotum. If you prefer pull each ball to one side by tying the scrotal sac and tightening the testicles.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Way to tie the genitals of a slave, when we want to put it on sale. Secong part.

Then with two other twigs repeat the operation in the horizontal position, forming a cross with the previous ones.
Stretch the penis and tie your head tightly close to the end of the sticks.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Way to tie the genitals of a slave, when we want to put it on sale. First part.

I will teach you how to tie the genitals of a slave, when we want to put it on sale. Certainly, regardless of the purpose of utility of the animal, show that it is well endowed can always help the sale.

Take two sturdy, flexible sticks, they can be bamboos, and tie each other tightening the base of the animal's scrotum and penis. Massage the penis until it gains volume and becomes semi rigid. Then tie it mightily, very tightly, so that it does not lose the blood that has accumulated.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The same man being whipped again.

A reflection I make on the themes of the drawings taken from the beautiful drawing published by my friend Sherwin.

Sometimes I realize how many times we have drawn the same theme, the same man suffering the same tortures, how often my themes are repeated.

The answer is simple. I draw more often what excites me most, what I wish to happen to me.
The child I draw being brutalized, is me as a child, the strong man I draw being tortured, is the man I would like to be, suffering what I would like to suffer, the old man who I draw being humiliated, is me old suffering the humiliation.

I am a sadist, but also, and most of all, a masochist. Drawing men being tortured satisfies my two needs. It gives me great pleasure to imagine myself and to draw, myself being flogged, tortured, raped and murdered cruelly.

You who look at these drawings imagine themselves as the executioners torturing the victims, imagine you being tortured, or both, like me?

I take the post to suggest that you visit Sherwin's blog:

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Young man being whipped for fun, lust and pleasure from who pays.

If we think that slavery is over, if we think that in times and societies modern  everyone has options and freedom, we are wrong.
This drawing illustrates events that were little recorded, but they happened.

The English invented modern capitalism, paid sex and gambling.
When the option is to submit for money, what is its price, what is its limit?

The rich customers of a whore house ordered the mistress of the house:
We want to lash for three hours, without any mercy, some handsome, strong young man.
We want a young guy with soft, clear skin, smelling good, very clean and polite.
We want him naked and tied in the center of the room so that we can all watch the brutal beating that we will give him.
We want to whip it until we tire, each one of us after another will assume the task, so that we can go flogging for three hours, beating or resting watching the beatings.
We want to see him cry, bleed, and beg for mercy. We do not want him gagged, we do not even want him to be completely immobilized by the ropes.
We want to hear his moans and supplications, we want to see his muscular body squirm, to watch him dance under the blows of the whips.
The scene will be beautiful and exciting for us who will pay its price.

But let's set the conditions well, you must choose the most handsome guy who really needs a lot of the money,  look for one who really has to accept suffering for three hours without rest or limits, negotiate his price, we will not make savings in the negotiation, you can offer good money.
Also we make it clear that you will earn equal value by mediating the contract, drinks, girls and other evening services.
But, on the other hand, if during the beating, before completing the three hours of fun the boy simply give up and let go of the ropes, spoiling our pleasure, we will not pay anything, neither for him, nor for you, nor for your girls.
We will stop the beating as soon as he gives up, without protest, but we will not pay a single penny for anything.
Combined? Do you understand? Accept the bet?
Will you find a boy who is so desperate for money that he will accept this cruel offer? We want to know the reasons for the need, this will excite us. What really excites us is to see someone suffering terrible pains and humiliations to earn some money, which for us is so unimportant.
What excites us most is to see the young and healthy body that we covet, we desire, that we envy being ruined by whippings so violent that its tender and smooth skin will never be the same. That the immaculate and young body will have to carry horrible scars and welts forever.

It will be three hours testing who wins, whether the desperation that the lack of money can provoke, or the instinct of self-preservation, his proud.
We want every bitch in that room to watch the flogging, hoping that he will hold our beats resigned. May they all cheers for us, by the power of the money, by our lust and power.
I assure you that if after two and a half hours of lashes the boy gives up, we will all lose.
He loses for leaving hurt, aching and uselessly marked body; You lose for having worked and served drinks and blowjobs that night for free; And we lose by seeing that money is not able to buy everything that gives us pleasure.
So choose the kid well, negotiate well the value of the beating. When you're sure of success, look for me. Understood?
Not a good proposal?

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Slave being tortured, flogged and killed to entertain and amuse the guests and family.

Here we continued to illustrate how much the slaves in Rome could suffer.

There was no ethical or moral law or principle in Roman society to condemn the torture or murder of slaves or any other types of animals.
The sacrifice or slaughter of any type of animal was considered normal, in several occasions it was custom, tradition, habit or elegant. The Coliseum and other public places did great executions and massacres for joyous audiences.

Showing total contempt for the pain and suffering of slaves was considered to be of good tone, especially among the upper classes, the elite. Watching the slaves being suplicited often was simple entertainment, pure pleasure and delight.
There are reports of brutal torture sessions being used to encourage social or family gatherings. The despair, supplications, moans and crying of the victims was considered as pleasant as music.

In this drawing we see a happy family, gathered on a special day, waiting for lunch, while watching the guest of honor crush the nipples of a strong slave tied naked to a column of the house. The youngest son asks his mother if he can tear the animal's testicles, the eldest boy caresses his own nipples gently, he is drunk and takes pleasure in watching the nipples of the slave being plucked.

Slave did not commit any act that would justify the cruelty of its execution. It was captured as young child, with it´s family and cattle, in the battles that expelled the limits of the empire. Being from a family of farmers, because it was strong, it worked in chains and lashed for several years. He never revolted, created problems or questioned his slave status. He liked working in the fields, pulled the wagon and the plow as an ox, worked the harvest, carried the sacks of grain without complaining. He was rarely flogged or punished, his foreman fair and well-balanced.

It believed it would still live for some good years, but in the week before the business lunch, the family´s wife asked the foreman to choose a strong, well-endowed slave to be used to entertain and amuse the invited friends.

During the meal, which was supposed to last for many hours, even in another enclosure, despite loud talk and laughter, diners should hear the slave being flogged and moaning. The foreman will use the heavier, louder whip, will force the animal to moan and scream loud enough for them to hear. For the success of the event would be regrettable if the slave died quickly. Knowing how to provoke pain and suffering, in a spectacular way, pleasing the audience without letting the animal die or even fainting before the appointed time was a highly prized art.

After lunch, before sunset, the woman will make the offering, on the altar of the ancestors of the family, burning the testicles, eyes, ears, tongue, and the other parts pulled from the barbarian. This type of offering will bring good luck to the family and their guests.